Under the Big Top

One of my favorite movies is Mirror Mask, based off of Neil Gaiman’s book. I love the circus in it and how they carried the world of that circus into the alternate world the main character falls into. It was like a bizarrer modern version of Alice in Wonderland (if that’s possible) with a big top twist.

In this guide we dive into the world of a vintage circus.

The Etsy artist’s featured in this guide are:

darkcyckeclothing, busterandboo, pinkbabymouse, darkfusionboutique, UntamedMenagerie, nouveaumotley, lewfoster, EmilyBalivet, gracegallery, bomobob, CosmicFirefly, UnderTheStairStudios, polarity, bionicunicorn, mamaslittlebabies, FionaArt, satanica, Roadside, pinksweetie, singlestonestudios, uniqueartpendants, BaroqueAndRoll, louiseblack, and kirtlandhouse

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