Good Enough to Eat

Something no holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, is complete without is food. From sweet to savory to the 10 gained pounds by the start of January. So when your looking at those extra pounds, you should at least be able to think back on what you ate and go “Yeah, it was worth it.”

The etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

poshpots, ericabstudios, miaMallows, VintageConfections, HeavenBakedSweets, lemonbird, BeezersBistro, millcreekcottages, calabasacandyco, nikid, HowlingWolfSauces, TheFoodSnob, cakeboxcookies, good4you, cupcakesinjars, whisyandspice, HolidayCandyLane, buckscountycookie, bonbonbrittle, spicekits, urbanspice, haveitconfections, BlissCandies, and brainscan

So check them out and join in the good food coma.

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