Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers Oh My!

I love Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft. These two games have generated quite a following and have quickly become favorites of geeks across the board. They have also inspired some really cool stuff on Etsy.

‘Zombies and Skeletons and Creepers Oh My!’ by barbedlotus

Minecraft Inspired …


Combo Pack 3 SEWING…


Grass Cube -inspire…


Peashooter Plant Bu…


Plants vs Zombies L…


Minecraft Furnace B…


Handmade Plants vs …


Minecraft Inspired …


Minecraft DIRT/GRAS…


Plants Vs Zombies D…


Crochet Minecraft C…


cherry bomb


Plants vs. Zombies:…


Minecraft Papercraf…


PVZ Zombie Hat with…


TNTShirt (2XL Rings…


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Like a Fox

Foxes play an interesting role in the mythology of many cultures. They can be good or bad, and that usually varies from situation to situation, even with the same fox. They are nearly always the trickster of the story and in some cultures the trickster god takes on the form of a fox. Heather and I play a F2P MMORPG. The class of character we both play can turn into a fox. They are called venomancers and are modeled after the Yao Jing in Chinese mythology.

If you search for “fox” on Etsy you get a LOT of hits, almost 5,000. It seems many others are just as enchanted with foxes as those who made the myths.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

birdmafia, bitofwhimsyprims, BlackBaroque, bobbin4apples, deannabachart, dearcolleen, deebeale, designbirdie, goldsprite, inblue, lulubugjewelry, Merimask, nekochii, roamingrabbit, shinybycharlotte, sparrowsalvage, sunmeower, ThisYearsGirl, trumblydesigns, and UpsideDownsideDark

You Are One Crafty Ninja

You know I don’t think supply sellers get as much credit as they should. There are thousands of supply sellers on Etsy, both commercial and handmade, as well as a ton of crafters getting rid of extra supplies through destashing. I get tons of our bead supplies from destash sales and you save SO much from it. So much so that it’s hard to limit yourself sometimes, leaving you to need to destash yourself.

The Etsy artists and suppliers in this article are:

auntifranni, BareNakedFindings, beadbarnsupplies, BellaNoelle, clearcutcrafts2007, colorhouse, dorothydomingo, felicitysiu, greenkitten, happysupplies, karaku, littleappleton, MaryNotMartha, MermaidTreasures, room29, shareliving, sistermaide, skstudiojewelry, slippedstichstudios, Stashable, SunBijoux, TheCraftyBead, TheFrontHouse, theopalescence, and violaviola

New Products!

I’ve been having some more fun with wire and beads 🙂

Not all of these are yet listed in our Etsy shop (I’ve been spacing out the listings to cut down on our renewing costs), but they are being added. Some are already there 🙂

Elvis Week

When I was a kid I had this baby sitter that was obsessed with everything Elvis. I remember his songs constantly playing. I think that’s why I don’t like many of them (with the exception of Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes). I do however love the references to Elvis in sci-fi. The mention in Men in Black and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and stories like Elvis in the Attic show how one charismatic personality can become pretty much immortal. What are future cultures going to think when they dig up piles of Elvis memorabilia and find him mentioned in such stories? Ten bucks says with as often as his name and Oprah’s come up and the tendency for us to believe our predecessors are more religious than ourselves, the future archeologists will probably speculate they are gods or something >_<.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

21CannonSalute, BarkerBell, BByeButterfly, CreativePal, drinkingstars, ElvisResurrected, lovelasmuertas, missluckyhellcatart, OneElf, OriginalsbyLauren, parsnipandpear, recyclemania, RetroVisionClothing, SandDragonH2O, SKULLCLOWN, soapopotamus, supapun, thestockingswerehung, XOHandworks, and zanneavenue

More From the Farmer’s Market

Here’s some more pics from our booth at the farmer’s market from the last couple weeks.

Audiobook Appreciation Month

I love audio books. In fact I think it would be safe to say that I’m am a borderline addict of them. I’ve listened to audio books since I was very young. My great grandma has a stash of vinyl audio books and I first discovered the world of Harry Potter threw the sound of Jim Dale’s voice. I think I listened to those books a hundred times.

Traditional audio books can be expensive (the kind of CD or tape, yes they still make them on tape), however there are some cheaper alternatives.

Audiobooks.com rents audio books just like NetFlix does movies. Now a couple months ago they cut down their stock considerably, but from what I understand this is most likely temporary. Regardless they still have thousands of books available and also have great prices on the audio books themselves for purchase if you like one enough to own. They have the CD copies as well as digital.

There is of course Audible.com, which sells audio books in a downloadable format. Having a membership gets you cheaper purchase rates and points which you can also purchase the books with. The one thing I don’t like about Audible is that they don’t carry many of my favorite authors. But between them and Audiobooks.com you have most published audio books available to you.

Better still is free audio books. Podiobook.com has a huge range of podcast novels, novelettes, and anthologies. And all of them are free. They do accept donations, and the best part of that is that the author of the book receives 75% (which is a ton more than the publishing industry gives).

Today’s collection is all audio.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

BlumensteinUltraFi, crimsonking, bmused, rntn, Keilantra, bearduck, tovicorrie, PinkSaguaro, LateToTheRevolution, ohmycake, jupiterfreedom, stellarcustomimages, SCHiZO, opendoorstudio, retroEra, and DollyCool

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