Advent Garlands and Sweets

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I last posted! I know, shame on me. Good news is I’m going to be posting a lot between now and Christmas. I’m going to be trying to do a daily theme gift guide from the 1st up until Christmas Eve.

Until then I think it’s time I shared what I’ve been up to in my workshop. I’ve recently added a couple new items to my shop.


I made a special box out of scrapbook card-stock using origami. Add in some custom number tags, and pretty ribbons, and an advent garland is born.

There are some things I’ve been planning on doing with the one I made for my son, beyond the traditional treats and little toys. We have made a couple of slips that go in them. Now my little one isn’t reading yet (we’ve just started on what sounds the letters make, so maybe by next year), so each slip has pictures on it instead. There is a pancake breakfast slip, a movie night (he’s too young for the theater yet) slip, a cookie baking day slip, a go see Santa Claus and Christmas Village slip, and a holiday party at Grandma’s slip. I’m hoping this will tame down the “When Santa here?” questions we’ve been getting since Halloween.

I’ve also turned the boxes into ornaments, ring boxes, and made larger ones to be used as gift boxes.




Pizzelles and spice cookies are both family favorites. I recently got a wonderful pizzelle maker that makes mini pizzelles. They aren’t quit big enough to make ice cream cones out of, but they do work to make cannolis.

The original recipe was from my great grandmother’s friend, but has been adapted gradually over the years. So far I have a dozen flavors aside from the traditional almond and anise flavors. I’ve also been working on an apple pie flavor (mainly because my boyfriend loves apple pie ice-cream and it would make the perfect cones for him) and have been considering a blueberry version.  Right now what I have is almond, anise, french vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, orange, strawberry, cherry, lemon, chocolate banana, rum spice, ginger spice, pumpkin spice, and earl grey.

Right now I only have the mini pizzelles and spice cookie mix added to my shop, but the cannoli shells and maybe some ice-cream cones from my large pizzelle maker will be added as soon as I can find a way to safely ship them. I also plan to add chocolate dipped pizzelles soon.

The spice cookie mix is available in a gift basket and the pizzelles are available in a pizzelle of the month club as well.