New Creations, Faires to Come and a BIG Announcement

We’ve been busy this winter getting ready for a new festival season.

We have added a bunch to our jewelry line that will be coming out on our Etsy shop first over the next couple weeks. This includes new ear cuffs of course, but also new necklaces, a revamp to our bottle magic necklaces, charm bracelets, and slave bracelets.

We’ve also added a cool new bracelet line for crocheters and knitter. They are stitch marker sets with a bracelet made to hold the markers you don’t currently have in use (no more digging around your yarn basket/bag trying to find a stitchmarker without dropping a stitch or two in the process)

And we’ve branched out into toys. We’ve added peg people dolls, the first of which are already listed. The first few are basic fantasy designs, but we plan on adding full sets based around myths and fairy tales. Everything from the classics such as Red Riding Hood to less known tales. They may also include mini story books of the tale they toys can tell. We also are thinking of adding pantheons of ancient gods from various cultures as sets.

We’ve also begun adding more favor box designs to our shop.

Our first faire this year will be the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 6th to 22nd in Marriot-Slatterville, UT. This will be our second year attending as vendors, but we have been patrons to all 6 years. This is a wonderful mid-sized faire. We will also be for sure attending the Historic 25th Street Farmer’s Market in Ogden, UT for our fourth consecutive year! This market is like our home. It is the place we started our business, first with the henna tattoos then with our crafted creations. It has a lively farmer’s market in the park and a wonderful artists market going up 25th street and has been growing exponentially each year. Others we are applying to are Craft Lake City, Dark Arts Festival, possibly the Utah Midsummers Festival, and a couple others. We were going to apply to the Age of Chivalry faire in Las Vegas this year, but we will not be able to attend this year.

We won’t be able to attend because…. AMBER’S HAVING A BABY! WOOT! She’s due near the beginning of November and is super excited. Her son’s birthday is on Halloween so who knows, there might be too Halloween kidos running around soon.