Yay For the Bard!

July 7th through the 10th is the Utah Midsummers Renaissance Faire! This faire lands right smack in the middle of the huge Shakespeare festival there. If you haven’t been to the Shakespeare festival you are missing out. The college has a replica of the Globe Theater and everything. I went a couple times in high school to compete.

We had been planning to attend this year’s ren faire as vendors, but unfortunately couldn’t. It’s definitely on the tentative schedule for next year.

So more of Shakespeare-y goodness, gotta tell you about a great pair of books. Chasing the Bard and Digital Magic by Philippa Ballantine. Chasing the Bard is “Will Shakespeare in his own midsummer nightmare” and Digital Magic is a sort of sequel where the fae meets the future. I love these books. Chasing the Bard is currently available on Podiobooks.com as a serialized podcast novel, and Digital Magic is currently being podcast. If you like the podcast version definitely donate. Podiobooks gives their authors 75% (way better than normal royalty rates for authors). I Mainlined Chasing the Bard when I first started listening to podcasts, all accept the last three episodes. I wish I had found it sooner because the contests sounded like a lot of fun. I’m currently listening to Digital Magic. I’m not got to fully review them because I don’t want to cause spoilers, but both are great to listen to while crafting. Below I’ve included the promos for both.

Chasing the Bard Promo

Digital Magic Promo

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