New Pizzelle Flavors!

I’ve been working on some new pizzelle flavors this holiday season. Here are the flavors I have so far:

I’m also happy to announce the new Pizzelle of the Month Club. Every month you would receive 20 rainbow mini pizzelles in a different color and flavor. If there are any flavors you do not wish to receive, any colors you don’t like, if you’d like to receive them every other month instead of every month, all you have to do is let me know and I can adjust your membership accordingly. You can find out more about the Pizzelle of the Month Club and my other sweet treats at my etsy shop.

Digital Dash

Printable Christmas Mystery

Today’s guide is the last in my 24 Days of Christmas series. I hope you all have enjoyed the picks I’ve found this month. It has been a lot of fun exploring Etsy to this degree. In fact I’ve enjoyed it so much I plan on continuing this feature on a biweekly basis in the new year. Sometimes it may be more frequently than thatdepending on my schedule. Some time next week I will be posting a list of upcoming themes and you can send me suggestions at anytime here or via convo on Etsy.

Now I know many of you may have discovered someone on your list got missed. Many of the gift certificates on yesterdays guide may provide a quick fix, but I thought I’d share with you some of the other digital options etsians offer. And while your checking these out, if you have a sec, check out my  printable Christmas Mystery kit. I’ll be available to send out the PDF up until 1am Mountian Time (maybe later, depends on how late Santa needs help).

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

spoonfulofchocolate, bredndee2006, WildBlueberryInk, TracyAnnDigitalArt, Accentuate, barbosaart, mymagicbutton, amber84, justBEEcause, purplepickle, ArtCult, colorblast, patricksmomma, edafedd, Hudsonsholidays, sadieandoliver, wosiesandwhatnots, ManiMina, pinkroses1220, printableproject, punkynmunky, BlueManateeTutorials, mariposa, and everydaycelebrations

Oh did I forget to mention? You guys get to help pick up coming themes now!

Have a happy holiday and I’ll see you next year!

The Gift of Choice

There is always at least one person on you list that you are shopping last minute for because they are nearly impossible to pick something out for. You may have a general idea of what they like, but nothing specific jumps out at you, or you may be completely clueless. Many etsians offer gift certificates and custom order options.

You may have stumbled upon something that is almost exactly what you are looking for or have an idea of what you want to get but can’t seem to find just the right thing. Well if you haven’t tried it out yet, Alchemy is freaking awesome. You can send alchemy requests directly to sellers who accept them (check their shop policies or send a convo) or you can put a listing in the Alchemy and let people bid on the chance to make the item.

One gift idea I’ve been considering for a couple of people is making a card with a coupon in it for one Alchemy. Then show them how to set up an Alchemy request and foot the bill.  It just seems more personal than tucking some money in a card and calling it good (except for my brother, he loves that).

This guide features customizable and choose your own type gifts ideas:

And check out my wing gift certificates and pizzelle of the month club for more custom gift ideas.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

rubbishtees, JennifersJewels, bellasymphony, linktowhat, nelladesigns, GneissSpice, defineyourplacevinyl, heirloomsbylorraine, IlluminatedPerfume, catrocks, empapers, toybreaker, maidenlove, ethora, rachelink, BorsaBella, tfakler, jcjewelrydesign, TCGlassworks, popdecal, and bluebirdgardens

Tomorrow’s guide: Digital Dash

One Upping Recycling

I live in Utah and our access to recycling centers really sucks and what they take is very limited. I haven’t seen very many people using reusable bags either, at least not on this end of the valley. Recycling is great, but I think it’s greatly understated how much recycling and how creative its getting is really going on out there right now. Lately I’ve been fascinated with the concept of upcycling things and decided to see what etsians have been upcycled.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

monicamarie, loranscruggs, giandpindo, woollyfabulous, handmadepretties, squigglechick, spoonfulofchocolate, reclaim2fame, glamarita, mydeepbluec, Tanith, TaffyCraft, TwilightSpells, buttercupbloom, katwise, jjevensen, fieldday, Wildewear, bottlehood, shortees, zJayne, talkingsquid, greenatheart, mklawrie, SageOfTheTrades, obotek, Design2009, recycledartco, tomboyART, and daletalley

Tomorrow’s guide: The Gift of Choice

Yule Tidings

Today is the shortest day of the year, and Yule! I love Yule! Most of my family isn’t really any one religion. Most tend to take a little here, adapt a little there and make something that’s just theirs if they believe in religion at all. I’ve always leaned towards a mix of Wicca and Hinduism.

Instead of doing a regular advent calendar I adapted the concept to a 12 days of Yule garland for my little one. I don’t think he has quite caught on to why, but he got really excited when I told him he got to open a box everyday.

Etsy has yet to add a category for pagan items, even though there is a vast abundance of them, but in the mean time here are some wonderful Yule-ish items.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

truvalkyrie, whitemagic, Thyme2dream, HeathensHearth, MabinRhys, AVintageWitch, BROOMCHICK, amyhouser, AeriannesAttic, CrystalwoodAlchemy, SEStudio, Harvestmoonbyhand, Vermorlian, treeoflifecreation, SylphsDesign, lavendaermoonoasis, Parizadhe, TripleMoonMagic3, TheWhimsicalPixie11, TheBohemianGoddess, gregkevindelaney, che4u, savagedryad, and craftyluna

Tomorrow’s guide: One Upping Recycling

What a Hoot

While searching for items for the other gift guides this month I’ve come across hundreds of owls. Not really sure when or where it started, but everywhere you look lately there seems to be something to do with owls. I did see a really cool quilted owl bag in Akita when I went on exchange in high school, but that was a few years ago; and I’ve been half thinking of putting up an alchemy request for one like it to be made if I can find the picture from the trip.

I thought it’d be a hoot to make a collection of some (yes, that was a lame tie in, but it’s late so bite me).

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

popupcardmaking, trumblydesigns, lulubugjewelry, sewZinski, esoule, leearthaus, daliadaliak, rainbowswirlz, RedCrowArts, chinookhugs, AngelEllie, FreshLemonBlossoms, tsaifi, lilypang, OriginalsbyLauren, hushmouse, handmadepretties, HibouCards, Needlings, monkytreecreations, livingglassart, wickedminky, toomuch, ragtrader, PopWall, norakaren, savagedryad, PrayingforFall, GiulianaDesign, and EnternalSunshine

Tomorrow’s guide: Yule Tidings

It’s a Zoo in Here

Some times the prepping for the holidays can make you feel like you live in a zoo. Here are some cool items that will fit right in with the madness.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

BouncingOffTheWalls, singlestonestudios, rainbowswirlz, WowWall, kharygoarts, SharonMontrose, KMStudioDOTcom, LeahJaneDesigns, aKRESSories, norajane, draftsmith, BabyLovesPink, NattyMichelle, ZooplesAndCo, aBreathofFrenchair, CosmicFirefly, sweetsassyboutique, itsastitch, ohsewsweetboutique, walldecors, maggierama, FunkyFriendsFactory, craftyaddictions, and OnWingsofBirds

Tomorrow’s guide: What a Hoot

A Fairytale Christmas

It’s hard these days to find anything really fairytale. Everything is all plastic and circuits and stamped Made in China. Less and less kids here see the holidays as magical, and just see presents under the tree. My son’s still really young, but I want to be able to give him that magic. We’ve got a surprise early visit from Santa lined up and there have been tons of bedtime stories about elfs and magic snowmen in the last couple of weeks. I think the best thing I could give him this year is a real belief in magic and I don’t care if that’s corny.

Here are some things that bring the fairytale magic back to the holidays.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

IsabellasArt, BabaLaptopbags, PopWall, GulfCoastCottagePDF, ryleesworld, PostingPaper, AshEvans, pewterearth, nightdragon07, FaeRealm, KimsCraftyApple, redfermata, ME2Designs, TerisTreasure, FrivolousCottage, costumerenaissance, somethingwicked, rosecottageboutique2, colleenbang, AmbersHand, BagsSewCute, nutcrackersnmore, TheLinnetsWing, and momwife

Tomorrow’s guide: It’s a Zoo in Here

Just Keep Swimming

My son had a fun time helping me pick some of these out. Spongebob Squarepants is one of his favorite shows and so anything to do with fish catches his attention right away.

The Etsy artist’s featured in this gift guide are:

koilili, NYILLUSTRATION, beepart, SeaPinks, mamaslittlebabies, jadewink, freshdecals, humblecollection, UssherArt, autumncollective, 19Moons, PearsonMaron, CheckEBrydWallArt, Baghy, Sascalia, dawily, DayDreamer, celentanowoodworks, PrettyPrettyBows, recycledartco, SweetTOriginal, snaulkter, cornishpixiecrafts, and Elsisygallery

Tomorrow’s guide : A Fairytale Christmas

All Aloha

Hawaii would be nice for Christmas but I think I’d miss the snow (and oh boy do we have snow right now).

The Etsy artist featured in this gift guide are:

hulabeachceramics, batgirl93, kittredgecandles, dirtydoghowling, 808Sunshine, tsaifi, ancientartizen, LandlockedMermaids, HangLooseHangers, kristincrane, dmhstudio, kreationsbykawai, gomeagan, Manaiaolangi, ainakauai, islandgirlartplay, creationsbyshelley, featheredpeacock, lilsprinkles, CountryWorkshop, BLSoaps, surfracks, rathina, and splinter

Tomorrow’s guide : Just Keep Swimming

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