Ogden 25th Street Farmer’s Market

Today was our first day back at the Ogden 25th Street Farmer’s Market. Below is some snapshots from throughout the day at our booth (we were somewhat homebodies today).


Ren Faire, Photoshoot and Uh….

Okay, so the uh… is basically for the realization that I have been gone on here for nearly two months. We have been making things like crazy for the Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival, and building a good chunk of our event stock for the year so we can get a head start on Halloween and Christmas. Toss in some really busy home life stuff and the blog just kind of stayed on the back burner for longer than I had hoped.

So here’s what we’ve been up to. During the last two months we have made a crazy amount of wings. Consider that they take about 2-5 days depending on the pair and that’s if we’re working on just the wings. In the two months we made almost 40 pairs of wings, almost all of which are new designs. In addition to the wings we have started making tutus, painted shoes, bottled magics and completely revamped our henna design display books and henna kits.

At the end of April we did a photo shoot showcasing some of the new wings, tutus and shoes. I’ll be posting those up in the next day or so.

Another set of great photo’s I’ll be putting up this week is some of those from the first week of the ren faire. The faire is on May 7,8,9 and 14, 15, 16 (how cool is that, I get a whole ren faire for my birthday). You can check out more about the Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival at www.utahrenfaire.com.

Well until then here is some work in progress photos of some of the great wings we’ve been working on.