New Wings!

Three new pairs of wings have been added to my etsy shop. Not many have been making it in there lately because they have been selling out at the farmer’s markets before I can get them listed. But the farmer’s market season is winding down and as long as nothing major comes up, you can expect to see a slew of new wings pouring in.

These may look familiar. They were shown in a previous post in which the first pair was mid-way through construction. The sapphire butterfly wings were so popular at the market that I have had to make several pairs, in various colors.


This pair is one I had been wanting to make for a while now. At the market it’s been called everything from Card Shark Wings, to an Alice and Wonderland fairy theme. A word of advice. If you are ever going to do something like the alternating color edges I did here, have two trays. That was a bit of a headache, but well worth it.



HPIM0753Now this pair I am seriously thinking of keeping (or at least recreating later if they do sell. I have been want to do a pair that mimicked some of the henna tattoo patterns we do at the market. While this one was a fairly simple design, I liked how it turned out. The big thing with this pair however is not the decoration, but the design. The bottom shape was something I had really been wanting to try but hadn’t been sure how to pull off until the dragon wings. In order to get the nylons to behave in the dragon wings I started using a blanket stitch all the way around the edge and then covering the stitching with the glitter paint. The wing hold their shape wonderfully with this technique and can withstand most of what a young kid can through at them. The sapphire wings were blanket stitched as while and have been stomped on, laid on, jammed in the trunk, bent and re-bent and go right back into place. It’s not just durability this has opened up for the wings though. I can now do most any shape and know it will turn out, unlike with glue which can be iffy when working with nylon that has been stretched.

We might have found the right apartment, so hopefully the move goes smooth. I’m hoping getting my new workroom together doesn’t take to long.

After Halloween I’m looking into expanding what I offer in the shop and trying out some new crafts. One I am especially looking forward to is a new line of up-cycled items, but more on that later.

How to Screenprint Vids

We are in the process of finding a new apartment at the moment, and hopefully where ever the new place it I will have more space in my workshop to expand to more projects, including this. Screen-printing is something I have wanted to learn to do for a long time. Having a place to store screens, and the other equipment though has been beyond my reach lately. However I did find a few vid’s that could make it a little more plausible to take up this hobby.

This one is definitely for someone who plans to due this a lot (maybe not professionally, but often enough to invest in the materials). I like it a lot because of the personality done into the video.

Is there anything ThreadBangers don’t cover? I’m really thinking of doing this type of screen printing soon, especially since all the designs I have are simple one tone designs.