Dark Arts Festival

We will be at the Dark Arts Festival on June 10, 11th and 12th at Area 51 in Salt Lake City, UT. At our booth we will be doing our body art (henna, glitter tattoos and face painting) as well as selling our jewelry, wings and toys.

Tickets are $10 a day at the door or $25 for the whole weekend.

The headline bands are Synapse, Espermachine, and Scission. There will also be several local bands playing, inclyding Arsenic Addtion, La Decollatage, Redemption, Riverhead, Tragic Black, Zombiance, Jeffrie A. Moir.

In addition to the many bands that will be performing over the weekend there will also be a fashion show on Sunday, belly dancers, burlesque, and other performing arts groups.


Also, to let all of you know, we will be at an event every weekend from now until October. So check back here regularly to see where we will be next. More on our next event soon :).