You’re Invited!

So the big question has been asked and answered and now you need to tell everyone. And then get a bunch of them together in one place to celebrate. This is also an opportunity to, without being a bride/groomzilla, this is your day. Yeah it’s suppose to be a piece of something that tells people where to show up and when, but it should also have a bit of what to expect. Catering? Registered? Not actually accepting gifts? (Hey I’m all for the forget the gifts, send money to this charity instead idea.) Just need a head count? Include this all in the invite and have an RSVP card or a link to RSVP online.

I wish I could have found it again. There was one item I really wanted to include in this one but I couldn’t find it (Etsy, you really need to make the favorites searchable and sort able. I have almost 200 pages of favs now!) A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon invitations made out of plantable paper. I freaking love this stuff. It’s the coolest for tags and wrapping paper and all that. What these were though were plantable paper as the tag with the invite stuff on it tied to a little bag. Inside the bag was a biodegradable mini pot with planting soil in it. The tag said something about joining them as they let their lives together begin to grow.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

upup, edencreativestudio, doodlebugdesign, vohandmade, lvandy27, ampersandstudios, EverlastingInvites, LaurenLoweDesign, jamiekonet, papernclay, Storeyshop, goldenrectanglepress, AngelEllie, PapierLapin, kreativekelors, swelser, drippyink, mybluetulipdesign, inkylivie, laurenalexab, EliminateUgly, ItsMelC, EarmarkGatherings, and BeeMineDesigns