Packing Tape Body Form

I found a great Thread Banger tutorial on How to Make a Body Form. If you are really into making and/or modifying your own clothes I’m sure you know how useful a body form is. I loved having access to the tons of body forms when I worked on costumes for the theater department and REALLY want my own, but can’t afford one. They are really expensive, especially the adjustable ones and plus size ones. This tutorial shows how to make an inexpensive body form that is custom sized to you.

Crocheted Dragon


Started this project for something to do between set up and when the crowds hit at the farmer’s markets and when I have to take my contacts out to rest my eyes (I crochet mostly by touch alone because of some eye problems). I’ve never made any amigurumi before, so it’s kind of an experiment and I’m making notes on the pattern as I go. I have crocheted a lot before, but mainly blankets and a couple of cloaks. I have never added beading or done round work and look forward to the challenge.

HPIM0536I’m using two different kinds of yarn and three colors. There is a dark olive and a pale, grayish olive, both medium weight. I’m using the Simply Soft Eco yarn because it is my favorite. I love how soft this yarn is and that it is made from 20% recycled materials. The dark olive I’m using for the body and the lighter for the inner part of the wings.

I’m planning on felting the inner HPIM0528wings to give a contrast in texture. I think this will make the body look distinctly like scales. The blue yarn is a really beautiful homespun yarn that I’ll be honest, I got just because it was pretty and want to play with it a little. I’m going to use it to make a fringed spin for the dragon. I have some beads picked out that I’m thinking of using for the eyes, and a few wooden ones that I think if I work in right would be great for claws.

So far I have one front leg crocheted. Because of how the claw beads are shaped, I’m going to sew them into the weave instead of crocheting them in. A friend suggested I put a sachet of cinnomon sticks or dragon’s blood incense inside with the stuffing. I might go with some dragon’s blood incense ashes so it has a bit of a smokey sent to it too.

Story Card Project Update

Over the last two days I’ve done a little work on my story card project. Although I’m not sure whether or not I want to write up a small book to go with these decks that details possible games to use them for (after all this project has been mainly to create a tool for myself to get rid of those blanks in ideas that occur when I’m too tired to think all together straight, but crave writing). I think if I turn this into a game it really depends on the cost of printing and assembling the game. I do however have a few ideas for both games and writing exercises. If I do make them to a game it would probably be along the lines of group story telling. I am playing with the idea of making it an app, but that is up in the air until I get a Mac to work off of. Anyway, here is a preview of the prototype of the first eight cards.

Winter Spring Summer Autumn.

Morning Day Evening Night

As you can see I’ve started out with the setting, specifically time. I’m still working out the kinks, but I plan on breaking the cards down into smaller, specific decks such as Setting, Character, Object, Plot, etc… with sub decks within them. I still haven’t worked out the design for the back of the cards, since I’m putting that off until I have a bit better idea of how I’m going to organize the decks.

At the very least this project is filling in a bit of the ache from not having paints at the moment due to being furloughed. It really bites, but I had to put art materials in the luxury box this year. Thank the gods for photoshop, yay! (Yeah, I’m a geek, I know it, get over it).

Some Plans and Projects

I have no idea what order I will be doing these in. Some are probably going to find their way to my etsy shop, others are just for the hell of it. But basically here are some projects I’ve been pondering over and need to get organized in order to actually get them to stop fighting over mind space and work on them.

img008Wings: I’m back to experimenting with glitter. I’m currently working on a more traditional butterfly set, and have a couple more sketched out. These got bumped to the front of the wing projects cue due to demand. But this isn’t all I want to do with these wing projects. I have some plans to make some paintings using the wings as canvas; especially a series of myth based sets. These will still be wearable, as all the wings I make are, but will be mainly created as wall pieces.

Story Cards: My writing recently has come to a near screeching halt (as anyone who follows my Subsequent Remnants blog has seen). I’ve been trying to hash out some world building in hopes of inspiration, but inspiration for a project that may help came instead. I’m going to make a set of storytelling cards, complete with plot jumpstarts, locations, people, characterists, creatures, times, and actions. Using a technique my business partner and I used to create a henna tattoo examples display sign, I will also be making a cloth playing board for them (you gotta love iron on transfers). If this turns out well, I may offer this on the shop, but mainly this project is for me. Shuffle the decks, pull out a set and go. I plan on making character building, worldbuilding, plot building ect… decks.

Picture 001 resizedHenna Paintings: I’ve taken a bit of a break off this series (there are several that I haven’t photographed yet sorry), but I have some idea sketches stashed away. I just don’t want to get burned out on henna so early in the summer since we are doing two farmer’s markets this year, and possibly more events soon. I would like to do a few more traditional mehndi paintings, but there is this really cool coiled dragon sketch that I plan on converting to this mixed medium. Also I am going to experiment with a colored paste that I’ll be using as a henna substitute on the canvases. It’s a mix of glue and foodcoloring that has an interestings stained glass effect. I want to combine this paste paint with the henna cone application method I’ve been using on the henna paintings.

iPhone App: I’ve had this idea floating around for an iPhone app, creating a choose your own story type model, but a little more interactive, possibly including mini games and such. This however is on hold until probably next tax season when I can purchase a mini mac or something to work off of sense I can’t find a way to create and test an app on a PC.

Copper Wire: Yes, this is a little random, but I have this HUGE spoil of 14 gauge copper wire sitting in my craft supplies stash that I need to do something with. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it. I’m tempted to make a wire tree sculpture, but I’m not sure. Maybe a wire dragon sculpture would be fun.

Some Writing Projects: My main writing project at the moment is of course Subsequent Remnants, but I have the attention span of that squirrel on Over the Hedge if I don’t have half a dozen projects going at once. So I’m starting a second writing project that has been tentatively named Tarradiddle Tales. What I’m going to do with this is play with mythology, fairytales, and legends of various cultures, as well as compare trends that mythology takes. This is something I’ve been wanting to do nearly as long as the Subsequent Remnants world. Since I finally let go of trying to full blown organize  Subsequent Remnants, which was allowing me to put off writing it for close to four years now, I figure what the hell, do the same to the myth thing. So yeah, Tarradiddle Tales will be a bit haphazard until I fall into a grove.  My goal is to get at least one post a week up on both, and work my way up from there. I’m also adding a link to both writing sites over on the side there.

Welcome to my Randomness

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I will be posting here. I do plan on posting progressive updates on my etsy projects, but what else might make it on this blog, I really don’t know. This is my second blog. The first is a writing focused blog called Subsequent Remnants where my stories from the Subsequent Remnants universe live as they are being written. I might occationally post a story bit from there here (I’m thinking once a month or something like that). I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Here are some of my most recent Etsy projects. You can see them at my esty store at There I mostly work on custom fairy wings but I am expanding into other projects.