It’s Cheese Cake Day!

Yeah, that’s right. Cheese Cake Day.

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Butteflies are not insects. They are self propelled flowers.

~ R. Heinlein

They can be bright and colorful or blend in, but it’s hard not to admit butterflies hold a fascinating beauty to them. They are used as a symbol of change and patience in their progression from caterpillar to butterfly and have been the model for one of the best loved fantasy creatures, the fairy.

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Also check out our array butterfly style costume wings in our Etsy shop.

More Than Just Green Jello

Ok so the green jello thing is not just a rumor. We’ve moved around a lot (I’ve never lived in the same house for more than three years) and about every other move made in Utah has resulted in a nice neighbor bringing green jello.

I meant to do this feature on the 24th, for Pioneer Day. Pioneer Days is celebrated almost like Utah’s own 4th of July with parades, fireworks, etc…

Utah can be kind of an odd place. In Michigan they have a saying, If you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes. In Utah (especially in the fall and spring) it would be more like If you don’t like the season wait five minutes. I’ve seen it go from snow in the morning to a balmy 70 by noon.

We have a growing film industry here thriving off the varied landscapes all within a short drive (some scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed out on the salt flats not too far from here, and Disney does a lot of filming here). We’ve got an amazing winter sports scene in Northern Utah, the Shakespearean Festival every summer down by Cedar City, beautiful national parks, some of the randomest liquor laws in the country, and due to some very specific weather conditions air pollution that can rival LA.

We also have a thriving craft and artists community.

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Out of this World

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been somewhat fascinated with outer space to some degree. Even those who have spent their whole life in the light polluted cities still have a tendency to look up and wonder.

If you haven’t seen some of the pictures the Hubble takes, you are truly missing out. It has been up there for 20 years and still discovers new things all the time. The images are always stunning. I was lucky enough to get into the packed astronomy class my sophmore year of college. The school has a small observatory with a projection room that shows a replica of the nightsky up (for when we couldn’t use the actual telescope due to weather). They incorporated Hubble images into the display and the teach could zoom into different parts of the sky so sudden a galaxy could be right above you. Definitely the coolest class ever.

And then there is always the question of if there is life out there. Just given the staggering number of stars, even when you narrow it down by stars with planets, and planets that match the details of ours and you still have a lot of chances that there could be life out there. There’s even speculation that it could be as close as a couple planets away (or more specifically inside something circling a planet just a couple over). Yeah, inside. Jupiter has a moon made of ice. Jupiter’s gravity pulls so much on this moon that the ice on its surface is constantly changing and it is thought to be liquid inside. Given the extreme conditions we find life thriving in on our own planet, it’s not hard to imagine that inside this moon could be a quite the surprises.

Things like this is what science fiction lives on. It explores all the what ifs and runs with them. Colonies on other planets, far flung space stations and encounters with this so other and then again just same enough to show us something about ourselves.

And did you know you can actually follow Nasa on Twitter?

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Also Check Out These:

The Antithesis Progression – Kind of like the American Revolution in space.

Crescent – Sci-Fi and horror (very gory horror)

Escape Pod – Audio science fiction anthology (just passed their 200th episode not to long ago)

Life in a Day

So last week I stumbled upon this on YouTube. The project is called Life in a Day. It’s schedule for tomorrow, the 24th of July.

Basically the project is to film some aspect of your day on the 24th and submit it on YouTube. They are then going to compile a movie from all this footage and release it at Sundance 2011.

On the 24th we will be at the Ogden 25th Street Farmer’s Market as usual, and will probably be doing our bit of filming there. Since the 24th is a big holiday in Utah there will be a parade and all that going on so it promises to be interesting. If anyone else is thinking of participating we’d love to here about it.

Today’s Etsy feature gift guide thing is all about film, video, cameras, etc…

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1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila Floor

In honor of my new found appreciation of really freaking random holidays, here’s to Legal Drinking Age Day! No I’m completely serious (or at least as serious as I can be after a shot or two).

A new personal favorite is the black cherry Mike’s Hard Lemonade. A lot of friends of my boyfriend refer to Mikes and other flavored drinks as bitch beer, but I’ve never seen any of them turn it down (in fact you leave it in the fridge unattended while they are over and the stuff seems to mysterious vanish instantly).

Personally I can’t stand the taste of beer, but rum, now there’s a drink. Especially for cooking. I make rum spice cookies and rum pizzelles, and my brother’s rum ice cream recipe is the best (combine that with a pizzelle shaped into a cone and yay!). Another alcohol baked goodie I’m very partial to is sherry cakes.

There are a lot of makers on Etsy who celebrate the joys of alcohol.

My Alcholic Friends by The Dresden Dolls

As always remember to enjoy your booze with brains. Underage drinking can damage still developing bodies and minds, driving drunk is selfish and moronic and if your beer is a coping mechanism as well as a beverage you have a problem and need to seek help and support to deal with that problem.

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It’s finally (almost) here! Faerieworlds, a huge gathering of those fascinated by everything fae. Faerieworlds goes from July 30th until August 1 and is located in Eugene, OR.

This year Faerie World Con will feature the music of Faun, Woodland, Brother, Telesma, Wendy Rule, Tricky Pixie, David Helfand, Adam Hurst, Taarka, Stellamara, Delhi 2 Dublin and Gypsy Nomads. I had only heard of a couple of these before looking more into Faerieworld, but after hearing their music I’m definitely a fan of them all now (need to stretch my music budget a little more this month maybe, because I definitely want more of their music). They have pulled together a group of musicians that is bound to give the feel of a fae court in full blown party mode. I love the mix of styles that Delhi 2 Dublin and Telesma use and Tricky Pixie is just awesome.

Music of course isn’t going to be the only thing there, but this post is already going to be quit long once we get through the gift guide and following special extra’s below. Unfortunately our travel budget this year has been rather tight (well for the past couple years nearly everyone’s has been pretty slim come to think of it), so we’re not going to be able to attend this year’s Faerieworld. This is something we definitely want to do in the future, whether it be as a vendor or just as really happy wing wearing spectators. So in the mean time enjoy today’s faetastic gift guide.

So, on to the surprise I was talking about. Your going to need some wings for Faerieworld right? From today until Aug. 1st in honor of this event we are offering a 10% discount on all wings for our readers. Just include the coupon code FAERYTIME in the notes to seller at check out. This coupon is good for custom orders as well, but the order must be officially placed by August 1st. For more on our coupon policy please check our shop policies page.

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