I’m Back (Sorta)

Okay, so I’m not officially jumping back into the saddle. Things are still a little crazy, but got a chance to jump on today for a bit. Unfortunately the St. Patrick’s gift guide I had in the works has been derailed by a bit of technical difficulty (okay I’ll admit it, the spreadsheet I had all the details on, I kinda shut the laptop and then realized I didn’t save, my bad). So instead that I will be trying to get reassembled between now and Wednesday morning.

Between now and the second week of May I will try to be getting the gift guides up on a weekly basis once more. However with our first big event only 5 weeks away and the chaos that slowed the blog down also effecting working on stock the blog may have to take a back seat until I am caught up. Fortunately this means lots of new wings, some new jewelry, a delve into tutu making, and elf ears! Okay, I might be overly excited about the elf ears, but we’re going to be adding a complete line of fairy wear in addition to the wings and fae make overs to our event booth.

I also got a great surprise in my convo inbox. A wonderful customer and fellow artist shared her enchanting photo shoot featuring a pair of my rainbow wings. You can see the pics at her great blog Aura Art Creations. If you have a sec check out the beautiful work she shares there.

Speaking of photo shoot, and the people on the Critique Forum on Etsy will be happy about this one. I am FINALLY getting together a photo shoot to replace the old photos of all the wings at the end of April. I’m really excited about this because I always get the question why are there no people in your product pictures. Well, it’s because most the time I look a mess because I’m all wrapped up in painting or wing making plus bad at photographing myself, and I have an all guy house hold. Now while I would love a pic of my sweetie with pink fairy wings on to use as bribery when I want to get out of my turn to do the dishes, I think the disgruntled look that would be bound to be on his face would drive off customers (or at least distract them with laughter). So Barbed Lotus’s other half (and much more organized half I might add) has been working on getting a photo shoot organized for us. Yeah, I should have gotten around to it ages ago, but I think my head would fall off with out my business partner and friend when it comes to this stuff so I’m leaving it in her capable hands and we’re taking advantage of the time of year we will have the most ready made wings in one place. I’m really excited about this. Given the madness that is Utah weather there is no guarantee of a green spring as apposed to a white one at the end of April, but if spring does win the battle the mountains are bright and green and the rivers start coming back to full life. The waterfalls in the canyons unfreeze and wildflowers go crazy, and with any luck my grandmother’s rose garden will starting to bloom as well giving lots of pretty backdrops.

So I’ll be back in a day or so with the St. Patrick’s tribute and hopefully again this weekend. See you all then.