Crocheted Dragon


Started this project for something to do between set up and when the crowds hit at the farmer’s markets and when I have to take my contacts out to rest my eyes (I crochet mostly by touch alone because of some eye problems). I’ve never made any amigurumi before, so it’s kind of an experiment and I’m making notes on the pattern as I go. I have crocheted a lot before, but mainly blankets and a couple of cloaks. I have never added beading or done round work and look forward to the challenge.

HPIM0536I’m using two different kinds of yarn and three colors. There is a dark olive and a pale, grayish olive, both medium weight. I’m using the Simply Soft Eco yarn because it is my favorite. I love how soft this yarn is and that it is made from 20% recycled materials. The dark olive I’m using for the body and the lighter for the inner part of the wings.

I’m planning on felting the inner HPIM0528wings to give a contrast in texture. I think this will make the body look distinctly like scales. The blue yarn is a really beautiful homespun yarn that I’ll be honest, I got just because it was pretty and want to play with it a little. I’m going to use it to make a fringed spin for the dragon. I have some beads picked out that I’m thinking of using for the eyes, and a few wooden ones that I think if I work in right would be great for claws.

So far I have one front leg crocheted. Because of how the claw beads are shaped, I’m going to sew them into the weave instead of crocheting them in. A friend suggested I put a sachet of cinnomon sticks or dragon’s blood incense inside with the stuffing. I might go with some dragon’s blood incense ashes so it has a bit of a smokey sent to it too.