Zombies, Ninjas, and Robots! Oh My!

Zombies! Ninjas! Robots! Yay!… I mean, oh no…*cough*

Well here it is, the second gift guide in my Christmas count down. This one what basically inspired by Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith who made some minor adjustments to Jane Austen’s classic tale. I recommended the book to my brother, and after reading it the first thing he said was “You didn’t tell me there were ninjas too!”. One of us joked that all it needed was robots and it would be one of the epic-est retelling ever.

Featured in this gift guide are the etsians:

horrobelle, DeadlyPretty, tinaseamonster, MayMayhem, IndyGrrrlProductions, MizzDuality, TheBubblingCauldron, cuddleINC, marelleshop, NeedleNoodles, DanBoisGraphics, GardenGwyn, auntifranni, zerick, ButtonsForBreakfast, wishwithme, evieheartsmilo, PenelopePlace, lattegrande, loverlyink, CardsBetweenFriends, aDivineAdornment, ShutYourButton, Pagey, mybellalove, AmyGaines, kendraha, hippyofdoom, mamarunswithscissors, and foldedpigs

You should check out their shops or zombie ninja robots with eat your brains with electronic throwing stars O_o.

Tomorrow’s guide: It’s a Steampunk Christmas