Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers Oh My!

I love Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft. These two games have generated quite a following and have quickly become favorites of geeks across the board. They have also inspired some really cool stuff on Etsy.

‘Zombies and Skeletons and Creepers Oh My!’ by barbedlotus

Minecraft Inspired …


Combo Pack 3 SEWING…


Grass Cube -inspire…


Peashooter Plant Bu…


Plants vs Zombies L…


Minecraft Furnace B…


Handmade Plants vs …


Minecraft Inspired …


Minecraft DIRT/GRAS…


Plants Vs Zombies D…


Crochet Minecraft C…


cherry bomb


Plants vs. Zombies:…


Minecraft Papercraf…


PVZ Zombie Hat with…


TNTShirt (2XL Rings…


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You Are One Crafty Ninja

You know I don’t think supply sellers get as much credit as they should. There are thousands of supply sellers on Etsy, both commercial and handmade, as well as a ton of crafters getting rid of extra supplies through destashing. I get tons of our bead supplies from destash sales and you save SO much from it. So much so that it’s hard to limit yourself sometimes, leaving you to need to destash yourself.

The Etsy artists and suppliers in this article are:

auntifranni, BareNakedFindings, beadbarnsupplies, BellaNoelle, clearcutcrafts2007, colorhouse, dorothydomingo, felicitysiu, greenkitten, happysupplies, karaku, littleappleton, MaryNotMartha, MermaidTreasures, room29, shareliving, sistermaide, skstudiojewelry, slippedstichstudios, Stashable, SunBijoux, TheCraftyBead, TheFrontHouse, theopalescence, and violaviola

New Products!

I’ve been having some more fun with wire and beads 🙂

Not all of these are yet listed in our Etsy shop (I’ve been spacing out the listings to cut down on our renewing costs), but they are being added. Some are already there 🙂

Elvis Week

When I was a kid I had this baby sitter that was obsessed with everything Elvis. I remember his songs constantly playing. I think that’s why I don’t like many of them (with the exception of Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes). I do however love the references to Elvis in sci-fi. The mention in Men in Black and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and stories like Elvis in the Attic show how one charismatic personality can become pretty much immortal. What are future cultures going to think when they dig up piles of Elvis memorabilia and find him mentioned in such stories? Ten bucks says with as often as his name and Oprah’s come up and the tendency for us to believe our predecessors are more religious than ourselves, the future archeologists will probably speculate they are gods or something >_<.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

21CannonSalute, BarkerBell, BByeButterfly, CreativePal, drinkingstars, ElvisResurrected, lovelasmuertas, missluckyhellcatart, OneElf, OriginalsbyLauren, parsnipandpear, recyclemania, RetroVisionClothing, SandDragonH2O, SKULLCLOWN, soapopotamus, supapun, thestockingswerehung, XOHandworks, and zanneavenue

It’s Cheese Cake Day!

Yeah, that’s right. Cheese Cake Day.

The Etsy artists featured here are:

minimenageriecakes, KarnesBitsAndBobs, BodyLuminosity, longwinterfarm, GudonyaToo, paintsquared, SoulSisterSoaps, FusionSweets, VintageConfections, FashionCandy, CynfulCreations, myotherprincess, TwoDogGardens, LittleGrayFox, marissajoannarojas, and ivylanedesigns


Butteflies are not insects. They are self propelled flowers.

~ R. Heinlein

They can be bright and colorful or blend in, but it’s hard not to admit butterflies hold a fascinating beauty to them. They are used as a symbol of change and patience in their progression from caterpillar to butterfly and have been the model for one of the best loved fantasy creatures, the fairy.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

meredithdillman, UnaLuna, mydaisydreams, freerangeart, Mymothersgarden, EmbellishedPaper, starbrightgirl, BlackBaroque, heartworksbytori, fixdesign, SugarRobot, MyDigitalCottage, walldecors, CJCrew, babycakesanddecor, intheframe, acelebrityexperience, maysay, TrianaTreasures, enchantingsoapfavors, DareDream, SatinandBirch, JolieMarche, ecoblingcouture, Thesteampunktrunk, idotakeu, MorticiaSnow, and KUKLAstudio

Also check out our array butterfly style costume wings in our Etsy shop.

More Than Just Green Jello

Ok so the green jello thing is not just a rumor. We’ve moved around a lot (I’ve never lived in the same house for more than three years) and about every other move made in Utah has resulted in a nice neighbor bringing green jello.

I meant to do this feature on the 24th, for Pioneer Day. Pioneer Days is celebrated almost like Utah’s own 4th of July with parades, fireworks, etc…

Utah can be kind of an odd place. In Michigan they have a saying, If you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes. In Utah (especially in the fall and spring) it would be more like If you don’t like the season wait five minutes. I’ve seen it go from snow in the morning to a balmy 70 by noon.

We have a growing film industry here thriving off the varied landscapes all within a short drive (some scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed out on the salt flats not too far from here, and Disney does a lot of filming here). We’ve got an amazing winter sports scene in Northern Utah, the Shakespearean Festival every summer down by Cedar City, beautiful national parks, some of the randomest liquor laws in the country, and due to some very specific weather conditions air pollution that can rival LA.

We also have a thriving craft and artists community.

The local Etsy artists featured in this article are:

RaeGun, Artman1, TheBobbinsNest, mydaisydreams, hanpaintedloveboxes, threeseasonsdesigns, BabyBirdz, ShabbyRosebyNicole, tootsietutushop, RoseyCornerCreations, SnuggleBugSlings, liltulip, debthorpe, 30one, freerangeart, studiojk, isabellsumbrella, Modernality, Crowsmack, thepatternbag, Kiss2Keep, lterrill9, foreverandrea, and curiousworkmanship

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