Taking a Break

Due to some unexpected problems Lotus’s Workshop will be going on hiatus for a little while. I may be back in a couple days, but it could also be a couple weeks. Sorry guys, I know you want the next gift guide. Catch you guys soon.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I know it doesn’t seem like it yet (especially with the whole snowpocalypse this month), but spring is on its way. There’s actually a couple trees in the field behind my house trying to bud despite the snow. I love spring. Yeah that’s cliche, but winter makes me feel a little suffocated. Maybe its all the being stuck indoors. Or maybe its the almost dead way things start to look in the winter (all the bare trees always make me a little sad). Whatever it is its going to be going away soon and warm(ish) weather and color will come flooding back. Yay!

Something I have wanted to do forever is start a community garden. The farmers market here is a pretty good sized one, and a lot of people have gardens to help with food costs and, well, because its fun. But a HUGE portion of our city rents as well and isn’t allowed to plant their own garden, which sucks because we have such a big percentages below the poverty line that a little less groceries having to be bought and a source of just better quality food could really help.  So I was pretty surprised to find that the nearest one is 50 miles away. We’re in the process of shopping for our first house, and there is one that is a double lot I’ve had my eye on. If its still on the market when we get approved for a loan we’re going for it and I fully intend to turn that extra lot into a community garden. If not there are a plenty of empty lots scattered throughout the city, and it’ll just take a little longer to get started.

So this weeks gift guide is a semi-ode to “I want a freaking garden already!”.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

walldecors, SoapalayaSoaps, PulpArt, TerraceHill, SevenAcreWoods, azuredandelion, TheSucculentGarden, mulberrymudd, ArtHorizonsStudio, TRUECONNECTION, Thebearfootshaman, GardenPathDecor, thisfromthat, happyfamily, tskDesign, metalgardenart, DragonflyDreams1, mamasinsanity, dkpottery, monkeysalwayslook, saltylemon, simplyrustic, giddyspinster, myvictorygarden, seamstobe2, favorcreative, andrewsreclaimed, SmokymistGardens, jandmspecialty, NewDominionBlues, GloriousGlassGarden, WoodElements, liltinpurse, DanaCarreraDesigns, gardencandy, and daisychestnut

Shadow Puppets!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t already noticed, we have a new look. And to randomly celebrate here’s a mini gift guide and some great shadow puppet videos.

The Etsy artists featured in this mini gift guide are:

IsabellasArt, puppetsinmelb, thelittlechickadee, snew, fiddlefaddle, and monekypuzzle

All the videos were found on YouTube.

Mardi Gras Mayhem

I know tomorrow is Valentines Day, but seeing as I already did a Valentine themed guide back in January I’m going to skip on to Mardi Gras. Okay so I will be TOTALLY honest here. I have no idea when this holiday is actually suppose to be. Up until I had my son, it was basically some random day between New Years and St. Patricks Day that involved beads and getting drunk. Granted I live in Utah and around here holidays switch days all the time so you usually just kind of go with the crowd on these sort of things (Don’t even try to figure out when the fire works will be if the 4th of July lands on a Sunday around here.)  I’ve never really been able to figure out when Easter lands either, but more on that in March (or is it April this year? ARGH!). The point is this post is close enough to cover it so it’s all good.

To me Mardi Gras seems a lot like Halloween for grown ups. With a vague set of color restrictions. And something to do with beads. Here’s the gift guide before I ramble on any more.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

GILDBookbinders, gypsyfishstudio, BeadRee, ladyinthetower, Masquefaire, inkedWELLdesigns, CisforChristine, KarleighJae, MythicalDesigns, desjewelry, olgaitaly, batgirl93, fairyfashions, SoapalayaSoaps, EnRapturingReVisions, MetroGypsy, charmsgalore, corilightfoot, VirageCreations, abitacreativity, CatChloeDesigns, artisansagogo, Andacherryontop, and SistersOfTheMoon

Subliminal Advertising

I saw a really great treasury a couple months back. They called is Subliminal Advertising. They used the 12 visible spots to spell out “buy my jewelry” using items with letters dominate in the pic. Loved it. So I thought what the hell, everyone on Etsy can use a little favorable subliminal advertising.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

alfabetfotos, carolforsyth, andwabisabi, baconsquarefarm, TexasGirlDesigns, ilovehearts, kelsyhenke, silverWARES, greenearth3, PreciousPastimes, sushipot, myfrivolities, christinakober, spiffingjewelry, KnitKnooder, jacquelynlee, craftyaddictions, letterperfectdesigns, fantazy, KathyPanton, intention, Jimbot, JDWolfePottery, TheCuttingEdge, ninexmus, kaileyhawthorn, and Simag

Okay, I have to admit it. This one was a lot of fun to put together. Don’t be surprised if I do a full alphabet one down the road.

Delays and Technical Difficults (and WINGS!)

I’m sorry guys, I know this is usually gift guide day but life has gotten a little upside down and thoroughly jumbled this week. Monday was my first day back at my day job since last May and so has been packed with refresher training, getting back into the swing of it, etc… However, starting next week a new wrench will be thrown in because I will be moving to a whole different department and starting kind of from scratch with a whole new schedule to go along with it. Since I have no idea yet what this will do to my schedule for my own business, home life and this blog I am switching gift guide day to Saturdays. It will still only be one guide this week on the 6th, but I do plan to make it up to you guys for the delay with a special set of gift guides (probably towards the end of the month). I will be doing one guide a day for a week all based around the Seven Deadline Sins.

I have been working almost non stop in the last couple weeks to get a stock of wings built up before returning to the day job. You see the first two weeks of May my friend and I will be bringing Barbed Lotus Designs to the Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival, and I want to have plenty of wings for the the wingless fairies, dragons, and angels at one of my favorite ren faires. Its a smaller faire, but a lot of fun and growing every year, so I’d love for you all to join us. Mention the blog at our booth and get 10% off anything in our little shop. We’ll have wings of course, but also henna tattoos and kits, hand painted shoes and tutus (and probably more, our products tend to be a little random at these events).

So here is a bit of wing project updates. See you all Saturday.