One Week Down Two to Go

Our first weekend at the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire had a few ups and downs, but over all went great. Friday was a touch slow (normal for the first day of the faire) and Saturday more than made up for it. Sunday I believe would have gone well also if it hadn’t been for the weather. It was cold and rainy the whole day, and we ended up having to close up early to make sure some of our items didn’t get ruined. We made it out of the downpour with minimal losses (nothing like at Witch Stock last October).

This faire was the debue for many of our new items, including a slew of new jewelry, our peg dolls, and new board games. My Mema’s stockings are dotting the booth as usual (but only the ones with period reasonable patterns, the whole new line she has come out with this spring will be soon appearing in her shop and at our soonest non-period restricted event). We expanded the types of pointy ears we are offering at our booth also. They are all still from the wonderful artists at Aradani Costumes. They went over so well last year and we loved the ears we got for ourselves so much we just had to get more.

The incense, bath salts, lavender wands and wood burned boxes (except the game boards) are not ours. We are sharing a booth this year (though next event I think we are definitely opting for two canopies. It’s getting crowded).

There are still several more days to the fair left, so don’t think for a moment you’ve missed out yet. This week the faire will be going from Thursday to Sunday, opening at 10am and closing at 6pm. According to the weather forecast there won’t be any rain this weekend, so here’s to hoping the have it right. National Geographic will be working on a documentary on the Knights of Mayhem (the jousting team who always performs at this faire and many many others) on Saturday May 14th.

The faire’s last weekend will be May 20th through the 22nd.

If all goes well we might have enough together to go to ConDuit as a treat. Sadly we missed it last year because we were at the Saint George ren faire (which I hate to say, was sorely lacking. We would have much rather gone to ConDuit, but hindsight is 20/20). If things go REALLY well at the URFFF we will have gotten together enough to go to Faerieworlds up in Oregon! So please come support us at the Utah Renassiance Festival and Fantasy Faire because we REALLY want to go to Faerieworlds.

This is by no means our last faire of the year. We will be attending the Utah Dark Arts Festival in mid June for sure (just got our acceptance earlier this evening) and have applied to a couple other events who we’ll be hearing back from once their submissions close so cross your fingers for those. We will also as always be at the Ogden Historic 25th Street Farmer’s Market this summer. Depending on which way one of those other event’s applications go we may or may not be at the farmer’s market for the opening day a one or two of the August weekends, but we will be there for all but those  weekends for sure.

Ren Faire Season Starts Friday!

This will be our second year attending the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire! We’re actually teaming up with a friend this year so there will be even more to our booth.

What will have there this year is our jewelry and wings but also our new line of fantasy toys including our fairytale themed peg dolls, fairy bubbles, fairy bowling, and ancient board games such as Senet and Hnafatafl. We will also be doing fairy tattoos and possibly henna and face painting.

The fair will not be in the same location as it usually is. The farm that loans us the fields we set up in every year was badly flooded over the last two weeks and the water still has not receded. This was very sad news and we hope everything clears up soon for the families of the farm. Luckily its not yet time to plant those fields but that is coming soon so hopefully the water leaves quickly.


The good news is there is a new location and just in time! It is just off I-15, exit 344, to 1900 W and turn left. Then turn left again onto 1350 S (the turn comes up REALLY quick so keep an eye out, its only about 200 yds). Follow that road for less than a 1/4 mile and you’ll come to the gates and your there. While the old site had the wonderful advantage of keeping everything modern out of sight and giving the faire the perfect atmosphere without being too out of the way, a lot of people have said it was hard to find. I’ve invited several people in the past who gave up finding it because the rural area was a bit off the beaten path. The new site won’t have this problem. As far as I know this new site is just for this year while the usual site dries out, but it does have some marked advantages. The fair will be clearly visible from the highway and is a cinch to find. It’s also really close to restaurants and hotels. Hopefully this will bring in even more guests.

Which Once Upon a Time This Time?

This new featured will be a treasury telling a story, but we won’t say which. Some will be easy some will not. Say your guess in the comments below and checkout the items from the treasury.

‘Which Once Upon a Time This Time?’ 

PRINT – Once upon a…


Bubble Gum Pig Pigg…


PIGLET Art – Fine …


Don’t Sweat It …


Roly Poly Piggy Ami…


Fairytail Forest Ri…


Pink Pig at a Party…


Golden Bronze Cinde…


Wolf Mask


Super Delicious Om …


Old Royal Door Fant…


Handpainted Pig gre…


Three Little Pigs F…


Cast Iron Witches C…




Happily Ever After …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

We made a video!

I think my favorite class in school was video production and I always wanted to give stop motion animation a go, but never had time.  Well a couple months back I got bored and started taking pictures of one of our advent garlands assembling itself. I never finished the series of images and stumbled upon them a few days ago. I figured what the heck, it’s mostly done and put them together in a video. Now I really wish I had finished the series of shots because the video turned out so fun.

Watch to the end to get a special coupon code to use on our shop.