Down the Rabbit Hole

There has been a lot of excitement around a classic story this year. With Tim Burton’s movie coming out and a modernized TV version of the story, an old favorite is getting a new look everywhere you can see. For some people this year, life has seemed as crazy as the world Alice falls into. For those, a little bit of mad fantasy might be just what you need.

The Etsy artist’s featured in this gift guide are:

babastudioPrague, SixAstray, ouma, DrStrychnine, EnchantedlyYours, TomBanwell, theboldbanana, thetatteredtowel, PisforPaper, pinkcherrymama, tigz, hamsterandhippo, StrawberryLatte, julietew, TheGiftShed, tartx, adorapop, DesignsbyLeahBest, JustinErickson, sandrineM, and morrisseydolls

Tomorrow’s guide is: Let Them Eat Cake