Gotta Game

Yes, this guide is a day late. We had some unfortunate internet troubles, but all is fixed and you will be getting a double dose of guide goodness today.

Funnily enough, this is the perfect guide for today because while the internet was down my boyfriend was going through some gaming withdrawals. Nearly everyone has a hardcore gamer in their life. You may raise an eyebrow at some of our jokes, and not get why several hours steering some pixels is fun, but you know you love us anyway.

The etsy artists featured in this guide are:

mommyslittlecritters, thebagbasement1, Digitalsoaps, jamjamtees, countryjedi, YellerCrakka, danicatdesigns, CactusMafia, geekdetails, norajane, DeadlyPretty, ShadowsinTheNyte, Jsebold87, theangryrobot, lowleepop, FunkieFresh, GeekUnique, snappymirrors, bearduck, linhlovesyou, orgXIII, luckyduct, junkprints, and NimbleToad

Tomorrow’s gift guide (well actually later today’s guide) : It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s really freaking cool!