The Gift of Choice

There is always at least one person on you list that you are shopping last minute for because they are nearly impossible to pick something out for. You may have a general idea of what they like, but nothing specific jumps out at you, or you may be completely clueless. Many etsians offer gift certificates and custom order options.

You may have stumbled upon something that is almost exactly what you are looking for or have an idea of what you want to get but can’t seem to find just the right thing. Well if you haven’t tried it out yet, Alchemy is freaking awesome. You can send alchemy requests directly to sellers who accept them (check their shop policies or send a convo) or you can put a listing in the Alchemy and let people bid on the chance to make the item.

One gift idea I’ve been considering for a couple of people is making a card with a coupon in it for one Alchemy. Then show them how to set up an Alchemy request and foot the bill.  It just seems more personal than tucking some money in a card and calling it good (except for my brother, he loves that).

This guide features customizable and choose your own type gifts ideas:

And check out my wing gift certificates and pizzelle of the month club for more custom gift ideas.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

rubbishtees, JennifersJewels, bellasymphony, linktowhat, nelladesigns, GneissSpice, defineyourplacevinyl, heirloomsbylorraine, IlluminatedPerfume, catrocks, empapers, toybreaker, maidenlove, ethora, rachelink, BorsaBella, tfakler, jcjewelrydesign, TCGlassworks, popdecal, and bluebirdgardens

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