One Upping Recycling

I live in Utah and our access to recycling centers really sucks and what they take is very limited. I haven’t seen very many people using reusable bags either, at least not on this end of the valley. Recycling is great, but I think it’s greatly understated how much recycling and how creative its getting is really going on out there right now. Lately I’ve been fascinated with the concept of upcycling things and decided to see what etsians have been upcycled.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

monicamarie, loranscruggs, giandpindo, woollyfabulous, handmadepretties, squigglechick, spoonfulofchocolate, reclaim2fame, glamarita, mydeepbluec, Tanith, TaffyCraft, TwilightSpells, buttercupbloom, katwise, jjevensen, fieldday, Wildewear, bottlehood, shortees, zJayne, talkingsquid, greenatheart, mklawrie, SageOfTheTrades, obotek, Design2009, recycledartco, tomboyART, and daletalley

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