Making Believe

My favorite two favorite quotes have always been:

“Reality is for people with no imagination.”

“Wakers have but one world in common. Dream have each a world of their own.”

I think there is nothing more precious than imagination and love seeing my son discover make believe. In the last couple months it has become a regular occurrence to find him playing hide and seek was dragons and telling monsters about the last cartoon he watched.

The things featured in this gift guide really caught my attention because they leave play open ended, leaving plenty of room to make believe.

The Etsian artists featured in this gift guide are:

Dadswoodentoys, LittleFluffStuff, TheFarmhouseBoutique, acornhunter, FriendlyFairies, ForeverandAfters, abunchofsheep, doggiepiggie, sweetiepiebakery, willowbaus, Myokkia, smalltowntoys, WoodClinic, seventywostitches, cherlyasmith, MerrilegsToyCo, Pilgrimage, and littlewingfaerieart

and they are only a handful of the great toys I found while putting together this gift guide. It was hard to pick.

Tomorrow’s gift guide: Make it Yourself


A Steampunk Christmas

I resently attempted to describe what steampunk is to my mother. Basically describing was an epic fail (but I don’t describe things very well verbally to begin with), so I pulled up a picture of a steampunk computer. She lives in a wonderful victorian house as of recently, and a lot of her decor style fits perfectly in with the steampunk style. I think a steampunk computer will be finding a place in her home in the near future if she has anything to do with it.

Continuing with my gift guide series I figured why not have a steampunk one? So here is all the clockwork, airship and tophat goodness.

The etsian artist featured in this gift guide are:

oldjunkyardboutique, BellaMcBride, IsabellasArt, XylocopaDesign, bellastitchery, MamiGirlBoutique, EcoAyris, PerfectStitches, toybreaker, billyblue22, SteamBathFactory, laceforangels, teatimeinc, yourheartscontent, Merimask, JanieDmattern, JenniferRodgersArt, crankbunny, pinkcherrymama, circlelinestudio, tadaboutique, AnasiArtsPipyr, JungleTribe, qacreate, buildersstudio, and GypsyLadyHats

Tomorrow’s gift guide: Making Believe