Raspberry Days

I have been going to Bear Lake (a lake on the border between Idaho and Utah) every summer since I was a baby. It is the most stunningly blue bit of water I have ever seen. My great grandma has a membership to one of the camp grounds right on the lake shore and we got a real kick out of the staff last year when they realized that there were 5 generations around our fire when they came to say hi to her.

‘Raspberry Days on Bear Lake’ by barbedlotus

Black Bear Swim ill…


First Raspberry


Bear Lake Utah Idah…


DIY Recipe Lemon-Ra…


Chocolate Raspberry…


Blue water


Raspberry Photo Gre…




Wooden Catapult


Homemade Natural St…


L is for Lake Monst…


Summer Raspberries …


Raspberry & Aloe So…


Mini Sea Shell Bead…


Sun sweetened Raspb…


Bear Lake Twilight …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

It’s not really real camping there anymore since there’s everything from a pool to an actual little hotel on the beach now if you feel like renting a room instead of sleeping in a tent or motor home, but it’s still always been a ton of fun. It’s just not summer without going to Bear Lake, having a shake from Garden City and getting usually fairly sun burned. Every few years we catch a show at the Pickleville Playhouse and I always seem to come home with a couple of bags of the mini sea shells that are all over the lakes beaches. And as crystal clear and startlingly blue as the water there, letting you see way deeper than you’d think possible, there are big sections of the lake where the bottom hasn’t been found yet. There are even campfire type stories telling of a lake monster like Nessie. I had one of my friends when we were kids convinced that the trail of ripples motor boats leave in their wake was really a lake monster following the boat.

While I’ve gone year after year, I have only been to the biggest event in the area a couple of times. Raspberry Days is a huge celebration they have every year in Garden City (a city near the lake) to welcome in the raspberry harvest. I think the last time our yearly trip landed on the Raspberry Days festival I was about 11 or 12 and the thing I remember best was the wooden catapult for flinging raspberries at unsuspecting siblings and cousins. I’m really excited to be taking my son to his first Raspberry Days festival and he is so getting one of those catapults. Good thing his dad isn’t picky about how he gets his raspberries as long as their still edible after impact.

All of these items kind of remind me of Bear Lake and how its not just a place, its part of who I am.


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