Life in a Day

So last week I stumbled upon this on YouTube. The project is called Life in a Day. It’s schedule for tomorrow, the 24th of July.

Basically the project is to film some aspect of your day on the 24th and submit it on YouTube. They are then going to compile a movie from all this footage and release it at Sundance 2011.

On the 24th we will be at the Ogden 25th Street Farmer’s Market as usual, and will probably be doing our bit of filming there. Since the 24th is a big holiday in Utah there will be a parade and all that going on so it promises to be interesting. If anyone else is thinking of participating we’d love to here about it.

Today’s Etsy feature gift guide thing is all about film, video, cameras, etc…

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

ladylotus, mediumcontrol, smathst8, HappyHarpy, CutOutAndCollect, kleinfamily, tomboy, CyanideStitches, KMalanowski, myrubberstamp, andiesmith, artstudio54, Baostudio, CrypticaTeeShirts, tissueturtle, FartsyArts, Signs, BarrelOfMonkeys, busterandboo, and umecrafts