Tea is Drunk to Forget the Din of the World

This is a quote attributed to T’ien Yiheng. It’s funny how passionate people can get over their tea (or even lack there of). There is the battle of the tea and coffee, the little war over hot or iced tea, bags and leaves, sweet or not. Everytime we’d get to the part in US history classes about the Boston Tea Party I’d cringe a little at all that tea going overboard. Yes, yes I know it was to help win our freedom and all that, but it still seems like a lot of lost tea. I always wondered how much of that tea was actually pocketed in the process.

Myself I take no sides in the hot and iced or bagged or leaves arguements, but my tea has to be sweet. Usually to the point people joke that I’m having a little tea with my sugar (or stevia as of late). My absolute favorite is Lady Earl Grey (Twillings has a great cold brew in a bag kind, which I love because it’s really easy to make at work and has gotten me to cut back a lot on the soda), with Oolong pulling in a close second. And nothing is better on a hot day that a glass of ice cold sun brewed mint tea. Unfortunately the water in our current house tastes absolutely awful and results in really sub-par tea. I think I’m going to have to pay up for either a filter of some sort. I am usually totally disgusted by premade tea drinks, with one exception.

There is a tea (it was recently bought buy Coke, and isn’t as good as before but still pretty close and about a dollar cheaper than before) called Gold Peak. It was much better tasting when they were still selling it in the cool glass bottles, but I have to admit it’s nice not having the bottle break in the work vending machine anymore (for some reason the guy stocking it thought it was a good idea to put the glass bottle stuff on the top shelf in a drop style vending machine and the plastics at the bottom).

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Random Cool Tea Things:

Think Geek has the coolest to go tea brewer (best part, it does leaves without the mess of those mesh things).

MateVeza is tea beer O.o

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