A Day of the Market

Okay this is my second go at writing this article up (thank you WordPress for glitching on me at 2am).

This Saturday is our the kick off to our third season at the Ogden 25th Street Farmer’s Market. It will also be the start of the 75th Ogden Pioneer Days celebration.  I had written a lot more earlier, describing the history of the Pioneer Days celebration, the only Ogden city festival that used to happen on 25th Street. But, it’s late and I’m annoyed with WordPress (probably more than necessary, but hey like I said, it’s late) so I’m going to save that for this weekend (the celebration goes on all week).

As for the farmer’s market, that in itself is a mini festival every week from July 10th until September 25th ending with the Harvest Moon Festival. The market normally runs from 8am to 1pm, but to celebrate the kick off it will be staying open late a couple of hours. We will be at our usual spot just west of The Needlepoint Joint on 25th street (half a block down from the park) doing henna tattoos and selling many of the items found in our Etsy shop.

The Etsy artists and growers featured in this article are:

azuredandelion, jjonni, ShopJessBecause, rainbowswirlz, thecraftypantry, xcessrize, kootsac, redstarINK, AskDebbie, TheGreenDragonGifts, urartist, birdsarebeautiful, soymilkcafe, SevenAcreWoods, FlowerBomber, monkeysalwayslook, MrNature, Thebearfootshaman, dasweetzpot, and purposedesign