Daddy’s Day

Since my boy’s birthday is so close to Father’s Day I did a kind of joint present for them. He get his first fishing pole and his dad is getting a brand new one and a fishing license on Father’s Day so they can take their first father son fishing trip. This is something he’s wanted to do since they day we found out we were having a baby.

Even with having our own kid, it’s still kind of jarring seeing people dressed the same as we did in high school with a kid too. Kind of a realization that we are growing up and all that. Means that the Dad’s Day presents can be a little more interesting that striped ties and pens though.

The Etsy artists featured in this article are:

dlkdesigns, blueroompottery, darksidesoap, ShopRedLeaf, flyingbirdbotanicals, RokGear, CorinnasCreations, SuperSweetCreations, texasteepost, littlebluebirdstudios, ManEatingFlower, Kitcameo, sweetheartsinner, TinderBloom, Coolbeans717, spinad1, SeventhCloudStudio, contexto, CoolDecal, and woodguy32


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