A Pair of Ren Faires

So, in the month of May we have been to two renaissance faires. The first was a local faire, the Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival just a little west of here in Marriott-Slaterville, UT.  The second was the Days of Camelot south of here in St. George, UT.

The Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival was celebrating it’s fifth year running. This was our first year doing a ren faire so this was our very first ren faire as vendors. This is also a ren faire we have enjoyed for several years now as guests. The organizers do a wonderful job at putting together the faire. It’s a nice medium sized festival that everyone has a blast at, and is rapidly growing. It’s a six day faire falling on the first two Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of May. We had an awesome spot overlooking the pond and a clear view of the jousting.

We made some new items for this faire as well, including our new bottled magic necklaces, ear cuffs, painted shoes, and tutus. The bottled necklaces are gradually being added to our Etsy shop, and soon the other items will be added as well. Another item we added to our stock that will we be selling regularly at events are these great latex elf ears from Aradani Costumes. They make wonderful handmade ears and were perfect for the ren faire. Really great quality, made to last, and a lot of fun to shade and wear. We had their mermaid ears, halfling ears, high elf ears, faun ears, small elf ears, and half elf ears. Had we not sold out we would have had them at the St. George one. Some of the ear cuffs we made were designed to be worn with these ears and we offered a piercing service along with the ears (for the fake ones, not the real ones). Made a great ear cuff/contraption for the pair of faun ears I wore (should have gotten a picture but failed).

There was another person selling some cheaper commercially made wings, but the idea they had for them was kind of cool. They had paints available to just go to town decorating these wings. I think they had wooden shields to paint on too.

Amber had a great deal of fun chasing down patrons with our wings (much to the bystanders’ delight), with special emphasis on Jack Sparrow. This guy had the character down! You had to look really close to tell it wasn’t really him. He even had a small replica of the Black Pearl. We had two pirate themed pairs of wings (yes the infamously unfinished jolly rogers got finished) and we really wanted a pic with a pirate and those wings (there are pics below too). The last day he let us finally take pics with him wearing the wings! Yay!

So below are some pics (ok a lot of pics) of the great mayhem we had at this faire and we are definitely returning next year.

Now, that was the first two weekends of May. During the faire an organizer of another faire approached us and asked if we would like to do a faire in St. George, UT. Before I continue I must say, St. George is a 5 hour drive so we really had to weigh the decision to go. We knew it would be costly, it was going to be our first out -of-town event that wasn’t just for henna. But we would be the only henna artists at this faire and when we inquired more about the event the number of attendance and all that seemed to be enough that we could at least break even and was a valid risk. I must say I hate dissing on organizers and other vendors, but this event made us mad. Unlike the previous faire in Ogden, where if wholesale is allowed it must strictly fall into the theme of a ren faire, this other faire threw that out the window. And did so, after saying clearly in the rules that they wouldn’t. They also said costume dress could would be inforced for vendors and all the other rules that you expect a ren faire to follow to actually be a ren faire. Considering we were next to someone selling sunglasses (who at least followed dress code) and across from another couple in jeans and t-shirts the entire time you can guess these rules were not enforced. Much of the entertainment was from local studios (which would have been fine if they hadn’t been performing very modern music, and some not very well). Two weeks before the event they apparently had no entertainment other than the jousters lined up so they had called up a bunch of these studios to ask them to perform. Really it would have been better to go without.

After speaking to other vendors we found everyone had been given vastly different numbers in regarding the previous year’s attendance. A few of the return vendors had complained about these things from the year before and had been assured they would not be repeated. They weren’t.

All in all the Days of Camelot was a disappointment. It was a fun little faire, but by no means was it a ren faire. It was a county faire with period undertones at best.

On the upside we met some great people there and found out about some really good faires. We’re not a 100% sure yet but some other faires we’re thinking of attending as vendors this year are Utah Midsummer Renaissance Festival in Cedar City, UT next month, that goes on right in the middle of the Shakespeare festival (which would be a blast); the Days of Chivalry in Las Vegas , NV, in October; and possibly the Kingdom by the River in Needles, CA in November. We are also planning to return to the Utah Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Festival as well as probably attending their halloween faire the Sleepy Millcreek Hollow that we attended last year. It’s the second year this year, and it’s not a ren faire, but more a Halloween faire. There’s a terror trail, spooky story telling and a bunch more. It was a lot of fun last year. If we attend the Las Vegas faire we will have to miss one of the weekends for it, but will definitely be there for the last two weekends and maybe the first. We will also be attending the Ogden 25th Street Farmers Market again this year (this will be our third year doing henna there) and that starts up on the 10th of July and will continue every weekend until September 25th. While we may miss a weekend to do the Cedar City festival, we will be there pretty much all other weekends.

In other news we’re expanding onto Zibbet, 1000Markets, and DeviantArt. There is already a few items up on our Zibbet shop, and on DeviantArt we have a few more up as well as some new images from our last photo shoot that I’ve had a lot of fun tweaking. Our 1000Markets shop isn’t set up yet, but working on it.

Well that’s all till next time. Going to try and get the features/gift guides back up. All the chaos with getting ready for these events and some problems with my wrist limiting my computer time has really messed my schedule up and unfortunately pushed the blog to the back burner, but I’m working to remedy this and hope to have things back on track very soon.


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    Jun 07, 2010 @ 02:40:19

    You can find a list of all Ren Faires on the internet.


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