Mardi Gras Mayhem

I know tomorrow is Valentines Day, but seeing as I already did a Valentine themed guide back in January I’m going to skip on to Mardi Gras. Okay so I will be TOTALLY honest here. I have no idea when this holiday is actually suppose to be. Up until I had my son, it was basically some random day between New Years and St. Patricks Day that involved beads and getting drunk. Granted I live in Utah and around here holidays switch days all the time so you usually just kind of go with the crowd on these sort of things (Don’t even try to figure out when the fire works will be if the 4th of July lands on a Sunday around here.)  I’ve never really been able to figure out when Easter lands either, but more on that in March (or is it April this year? ARGH!). The point is this post is close enough to cover it so it’s all good.

To me Mardi Gras seems a lot like Halloween for grown ups. With a vague set of color restrictions. And something to do with beads. Here’s the gift guide before I ramble on any more.

The Etsy artists featured in this gift guide are:

GILDBookbinders, gypsyfishstudio, BeadRee, ladyinthetower, Masquefaire, inkedWELLdesigns, CisforChristine, KarleighJae, MythicalDesigns, desjewelry, olgaitaly, batgirl93, fairyfashions, SoapalayaSoaps, EnRapturingReVisions, MetroGypsy, charmsgalore, corilightfoot, VirageCreations, abitacreativity, CatChloeDesigns, artisansagogo, Andacherryontop, and SistersOfTheMoon


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MetroGypsy
    Feb 13, 2010 @ 19:14:05

    Great Mardi Gras collection & thanks for featuring my peacock feather pins!


  2. Laurie
    Feb 14, 2010 @ 08:21:48

    Thanks for featuring my Fleur de Lis Jester Scarf. Your article is great and made me smile!!! Come try out Mardi Gras one year, it is really fun!!!


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