Wings and New Things


Here are some belated images of new wings I created in October. The bubblegum pink wings were the original and made a big hit in the shop and the markets this Halloween. It was by far the most popular design with the rainbow wings and the dark black and red butterfly classics making a close second. I wish I had had more time to get the demon and dragon wing designs in the shop in time (they will definitely be cropping up after I have most the Christmas lines in). Both the dragon wings and these detailed butterfly style use the same technique to get that scalloped shape. Around the entire edge, before the glitter paint is applies, they have been hand sewn with a blanket stitch. Using this has opened up a whole new realm of shapes I can play with (YAY!). It also has eliminated the worry of dropping a stretched frame before it can get sprayed. So many have been lost to my cement porch on the way out to patio for their protective clear coat. The poor nylon doesn’t stand a chance on it’s own pinned between the wire and cement before that spray is applied.

Adult and Child Size Example

I also got to play with sizes a little more with a couple of orders, and will be introducing a whole line of “play safe” size wings. I’ve made child size wings before, but have finally refined the size to one that looks really good on kids from toddler to about 7 that also manage to be just the right size not to knock things off every table they pass (much to my grandmother and her’s carpets relief). I’d still recommend the adult sizes for photographs on children, but if it’s meant to be a play in pair, tone down the size to no more than 18″ from tip to tip. I know that sounds small, but it’s really not when you see them on.  That size even looks good on petite adults and helps avoid those awkward party oppsies. I’d say when picking out a pair of wings don’t go more than a couple inches past your own shoulder width if you’re worried about them getting in the way.

HPIM0908Some other designs that are partially done and may or may not be up before Christmas are two pirate pairs (one a jolly roger design and the other a treasure map), and a purple pair of dragonfly style wings. I also have a new pair of those angel wings I mentioned before (the pictures of the one from the Halloween orders was lost unfortunately). I also think I’ve finally solved the wire issues I was having with the dream catcher pair and hope to complete those soon as well. Currently however all those pairs are being put on the back burner while I complete a couple of advent ornament sets, fine tune the packaging plan for my pizzelle’s and cookie kits (including a rum spice snickerdoodle kit), photograph some crochet markers I keep forgetting to list, and a couple other projects that I’ve been wanting to list before Cyber Monday hits.

Christmas (Front)  - cardstock copyIn prep for the holiday season I have added gift certificates for wings to my etsy shop. They cover the cost of one pair of wings and the shipping (within the US, but custom listings for other locations can be made). What I’m hoping these will provide is a real personal touch to the gift, because the recipient can create a custom pair of wings with it.