Christmas is Coming

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I had expected the Halloween season to be busy with wing orders, but nothing like it turned out to be. I learned a lot of thing from this first season selling online, including the express overnight shipping offered by USPS is definitely not to be relied upon to be timely, so definitely keep those confirmation slips if you use this service and complain if it is late. Another thing I have learned is which wings are most popular in reality. The Etsy favorites and the different ways to track them (like through Craftopolis and Heartomatic) are great ways to see how many people like your designs, but the items that had only a fraction of the hearts that many other of my designs had were the ones I just couldn’t seem to keep stocked. I also learned the lesson of “it is better to have too much than too little” when it comes to supplies. When the lady at the craft store is saying “Back again? Didn’t you just buy a dozen jars of glitter?”  and your calling every store in the area for a specific color, you know next year buying a ton of supplies early.

Yeah, I probably should have known these things ahead of time, but hey all new businesses have some sort of bump the first year or so. Other than the hecticness I’d say this season was a great success.

So what’s next? I think it’s time to think small. I’m going to be putting the costume wing designs I had planned on hold and shrinking some of the current designs to create a line of ornaments and decorations.

I’m also going to be trying my hand at selling a family favorite. My great grandmother’s good friend passed a wonderful recipe for pizzelle’s to our family. We have played with the recipe for years, and a plate stacked high with the Italian cookies is always present at family gatherings. We have made everything from butter rum flavored ones, to pumpkin spice. I’ve even been working on a caramel gingersnap version. I am going to be adding the variation of the cookie we have made over the years to the Etsy shop as soon as the necessary red tape for getting my food handler’s permit and my kitchen certified out of the way, so check back for more on that.

The mini wing ornaments aren’t the only Christmas idea I’ve been tossing around. I’ve found tons of beautiful advent calendars and garlands on Etsy, but nothing like one of my favorite traditions. We have advent ornaments that would contain a clue to a hidden gift every day. It would be like a treasure hunt that could last all month and would span to all the houses of family and friends. What do you guys think to adding n Advent Christmas Mystery kit?

More when I get a chance. I’ll probably be posting something on the new pair of angel wings I got a chance to work on during the Halloween rush, and definitely some on great holiday projects I find. however I’m going to be attempting Nanowrimo this year so if the posts here get sparse that is why. My plan is to do my Nanowrimo writing on Subsequent Remnants this year.