Halloween is Almost Here!

HPIM0782 Had to share some of the new spooky wings with you all. The dark butterfly wings were a custom order twist on the sapphire wings featured in an earlier post. I also made a pair of fly wings this week, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to photograph them before they had to be shipped. I am making a second pair though for the shop, so pics of that pair should be coming soon.

I have a real Halloween treat pair to share with you too. These spider web wings were a great hit at the market. I’m planning on making a couple more pairs in different colors. Maybe even a six segment version.



I’m going on a wing binge this next two weeks so that we have plenty for the Sleepy Millcreek Hallow Halloween Event.  Now some of those slated might have to be bumped back if more costume orders come in, but here’s what I have on the to-do list:

  • Fly / Bumble Bee wings
  • Purple Dragonfly style wings
  • Pink and Black Butterfly wings
  • Purple Butterfly wings
  • Some more Dragon / Demon wings
  • Treasure Map Pirate wings
  • Jolly Roger Pirate wings
  • Autumn Fairy wings
  • Some more Spider Web wings

I have most the frames done for these and are working on stretching the nylons on them at the moment.  So definitely some new wing pics coming over the next two weeks.

I’m also working on a full tutorial on how to make the different styles of nylon wings. I was hoping to be adding a tutorial on cellophane wings as well, but I actually have to figure out how to do them with out ending up with a very tangled melty mess of cellophane that won’t stick to the frame. As soon as I figure that out I’ll be posting that tutorial (probably accompanied by the photos of the utter disasters that occurred during my learning curve).

Looks like I’m not going to do much gaming this month :). So worth it.


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