Water Sprite Wings


Well, here they are. My first experiment in combining the technique of mehndi-ing with a cone and glitter painting wings. I have been wanting to try this for a while, and this was the perfect pair to test out the technique on. The edges are done the way I normally do, by painting on the glue and sprinkling on the glitter. The koi’s however where made by having a fairly thick glue in a henna cone (mylar rolled into a cone shape, looks kind of like a mini cake decorating bag without a tip). I applied the glue to the wings the same way I do henna tattoos and then sprinkled the glitter on like normal.

The application technique is not the only new thing on these however. I tried out a new type of stitching to get the nylon into shape, a very tight blanket stitch. It went much faster, shaped much better and turned out very even. I also added beads for the first time. I used a thicker tapestry needle to puncture the hole and added the first link to each place before glitter painting, then used the glue glitter mix to position the links better. It created a VERY sturdy base for these links. After the glue had dried I added another link to each and then the bead (in this case a little mother of pearl round pendant bead thing).

Although this may seem small, I am really excited on the detail spray paint I got to use one these (it doesn’t show well in these pictures, but there is a gold web spray across the blue background). For the first time in literally months, my local craft supply shop finally had gold webbing spray available. Needless to say I stocked up in case they decide not to stock for a while again (this stuff is my favorite spray paint and I use it a LOT). Don’t be too surprised if it crops up in more pieces.



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