SewQuick = Epic Fail


The other day I purchased a SewQuick. I currently don’t have a sewing machine and was growing a little tired of doing everything by hand. I had been putting off making some t-shirt pillows, saw the SewQuick, and figured it would work great for such a simple project. Boy was I WRONG! I don’t know if there is just some special trick to get this thing to work but thus far it has been an epic fail. In two hours I had not managed to complete one pillow (normally I can hand sew about 4 in this amount of time). Every seam unraveled either while I was trying to pry the fabric loose from the SewQuick without breaking the needle or within moments of being set down. I didn’t have problems with tangled threads as many people mention with this product, but by the end of the night I was ready to throw the thing.

Now I do believe this would be a great product if one single feature was added. The ability to go more than one direction. There is no reverse on this thing, which is the main way you secure stitching on a sewing machine. Some stitch options would be nice as well, but I don’t expect them for $20. It’s just the type of stitch the machine does is VERY easy to accidentally unravel if it isn’t secured, and the only way to secure the stitches with the SewQuick is a needle and thread (kind of defeats the purpose of having it). I was very disappointed because the concept is wonderful and I would love to have something like this that worked for quick projects and maybe for doing the edges of my wings.

Singer, I normally love your products but this is the biggest epic fail to happen to sewing in ages.


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